Monday, October 30

It was a beautiful day ! - BY JAKE

Mama said that she thinks today is going to be the last beautiful day. She said - today it is sunny - with a high of 12 - and this will prob be the last day we go to MolsoN Park for a 1 hour walk.
Jessie and I are both sad - because this is our last time till next year (prob May mama says)- but we will make the most of it.

Then at 4 pm we have to drive to Richmond Hill and see our Voa (Grandmother) since we are sleeping over so mama can go to her appointment in Toronto. After the appointment we are going to visit papa at his shop and then we are going back to Voa's so mama can take our cousins Natasha and Samantha out for 1 hour (WE WOULD RATHER HANG OUT WITH VOA SINCE SHE HAS YUMMY COOKIES AND ALWAYS SHARES FOOD WITH US and WE ARE DEATHLY ALLERGIC TO CHOCOLATE ANYWAY).

Then we should get home around 9 pm - which is our bedtime so watch for some great pics of our busy day on Wednesday.



Chelsea said...

Hey Jessie, I cannot read the first part of your blog. It's all squishy and small.

Voa has the best cookies. Even Mama tells me that. I knew there was a reason my tail wags so much when I go there!



T-man said...

My grandma only gives me "dog" cookies. You're SO lucky!!