Saturday, November 11

Remembrance Day

Mama told Jessie and I we needed to be silent for a little while today. It really wasn't hard since Jessie and I were still in nappy moods. Mama said today is Rememberance Day cause a lot of people died for our country and we have to show respect and admiration for all the brave men and women who fought and still fight for our country. Jessie and I have no problem with this but we told mama that we also want to remember all the dogs on the police force who fight for this country everyday in fighting crime. Some of these dogs (mostly german shepherds) are boarded up at our vet clinic on the weekends. Jessie and I have big respect for these dogs who fight danger everyday in protecting cops and the public. Mama said this is a great idea but maybe we should save this canine rememberance day for tomorrow since the human one was here first and after all there are sooooo many days in the year for everyone. Jess and I finally agreed and so tomorrow we will all be taking another silent moment or too to think of our canine friends.

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Chelsea said...

I had a moment of silence today too. Only because I stopped running around the living room to lick my paws for a while