Friday, November 24

Roughhousing - by Jake

Mama has planned a play date with our cousin Chelsea tomorrow. She said we have been acting up a lot lately. Jessie and I have been rough-housing which is ok once in a while but lately we have been doing it a lot. She doesn't know if it is because we are bored or cause the weather is changing or what - but she says we need a play date in order to spice up our lives.

Jessie and I are thrilled. We can't wait - we heard her say something about chicken so we are so excited. Chelsea will be licking her lips if she reads this. Hey Chelsea - we will see you tomorrow.


Boo said...

oh, i wanna join in too! today is saturday, normally saturday dad will send me to grandma's place so i can play with cousin bobby but NO, he didn't do that this morning!

but the hooman promise something for this afternoon. it better be a good one!

wet wet licks


jenn said...

Looks like fun !

T-man said...

You should invite my Uncle Sammi (schnauzer) and me (poodle) over too. Then you can have a 1/2 poodle 1/2 schnauzer (Jessie) play with a whole poodle (me) & whole schnauzer (Sammi)!! Or would that be confusing? Plus, I could hang out with my woman :)

Jessie and Jake said...

Hey Boo and T-Man if your ever in Barrie or Toronto, Ontario we could all get together for sure for a play date!

You too JEN!

We had sooo much fun!

Chelsea said...

I had a blast. I can't wait until you guys come oer again.