Saturday, December 9

Jessie is Grounded - by Jake

I was in tears yesterday. I saw myself doing something as some others mentioned - very private, very embarassing on yesterday's blog. I told Mama and she got mad at Jessie. Jessie is not allowed to blog till Monday as punishment. Jessie says it is worth it (of course not in front of mama - she waited till she left the room to say that).

So today and tomorrow it is all about me!

So um what can I say - um, um - well I can't think of anything but I will.

Here are some more flattering pics of me in the summer !


Boo said...

wow jake, your mama let you play your toys outside? if mama ever see me drag my toys out, she'll start yelling like nobody's business!

yes, yesterday's photo was rather embarrassing. LOL

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Mama doesn't let us touch the camera...otherwise I'm sure Ellie and I would take naughty pics of each other too..



T-man said...

Those are much better pictures, though I still liked the one from yesterday. Pooping is a good thing, though I wouldn't do it in front of my girlfriend on a date (or would I?...hmmmm)

Chelsea said...

Jessie is grounded? What does that mean? Is she hiding in the leaves? Oh you have no more leaves in Barrie just brown snow.
Thanks to Jake...hee hee