Saturday, December 16

Mama is snick - by Jessie

Mama is snick - she is sneezing, her throat and ears hurt and she seems awfully miserable.

Jake and I are taking care of her. When she lies on the couch - I lie on her chest and Jake lies on her legs - just so we are close in case she wants to pet or kiss us - she doesn't have to get up to do it.

You know - Jake and I are not just pretty faces - we are smart, considerate and compassionate too - especially to our mama!


Maggie said...

Jessie and Jake,
You guys are just so considerate - helping mom out when she's not feeling well. Santa is watching and this scores you big points!



Boo said...

hey jessie... & jake!

so nice of you two taking care of your sick sick mama. i'm the prince so mama has to take care of me whether i'm sick or not and whether she's sick or not! hehehe.

wet wet licks


Toby said...

Jessie & Jake, you two are such good furkids! I think your mommy has something called the flu. Mommy's had it before. It makes hoomans all hot and sneezy. Oh, they also seem to use a lot of kleenex too!


T-man said...

You guys are so nice!! You can make sure your mama keeps resting by sitting on top of her till she's 100% well :)


Fu Fu said...

Oh Jessie & Jake. You guys are so nice to take care of your mum. :)

~ fufu

Chelsea said...

Your mama is one lucky dog.

You know what I mean