Thursday, December 7

Mama said "ENOUGH"

Mama said enough - this morning when she was shovelling. Jessie and I said (in a whisper of course) BRING IT ON!

They are calling for 30 cm today - mama said she is moving to Tahiti - but Jessie and I are going to try to change her mind!

We got cards from Murphy in Texas (mama was laughing at the card - so clever she said) and Chelsea (our cousin) the supermodel. She is sooo beautiful and gorgeous - we swear she sprayed her cards with purfume - they smelled sooo pretty - just like her. Jessie and I were jumping all over mama when we got them - do we ever feel special!

Anyway here are some pics from this am in the snow :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie and Jake,
Wow you sure did get lots and lots of guys are so lucky.
Ellie and I are waiting for those white stuff to fall again...they did last weekend but they disappeared so quickly. Of course mommy doesn't let us go outside on the balcony (that's cause silly Ellie would probably jump off cause she's still little and we live on the 7th floor).

Have fun in the snow...

Meow from your cousins,
Lizzie and Ellie and our mommy, Ben.

Chelsea said...

Holy snow!

I want some!

We got your card too! Thanks so much! Mama put it on our mantle!


Boo said...

omDOG! who turn into ice?! jessie or jake? that's terrible snow you got there. are you two loving or hating it?

btw, have you two got my card yet?

wet wet licks


T-man said...

That looks so COLD. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Jake, I can barely see you against the snow.