Thursday, December 21


Lots of snickness going around.

But Mama is feeling a lot better and T-Man - even though he needs surgery today (and we are thinking of you and praying for a fast recovery) - he should heal and be back to perfecto in no time.

Jess and I were a bit depressed because of all this snickness going around - but Mama gave us some hamburger and we were feeling better in no time (hmmm we will have to try that again tonight)!


Bernadette said...

We hope your mommy is feeling better soon.

Love from your cousins,
Lizzie and Ellie (meow)
and our mommy (your mommy's cousin)

Anonymous said...

You guys are so sweet to be thinking of my T-man!! I'm glad to hear your mama is doing better too. It's no fun being sick :(

T-man is going into surgery one hour from now. The poor little guy has been at the hospital waiting most of the day. I'll update his blog when I hear from the doctor.

T-man's mom

Chelsea said...

Still paws crossed, praying for my man. Thanks for blogging about him.

Hope your Mama is better soon