Wednesday, January 31

Booga - By Jessie

Booga is a game that Mama plays with Jake and I. It is sort of like hide and go seek.

Since we aren't out much anymore and are lacking in exercise, Mama will go hide (usually upstairs and usually behind a door or curtain) and then screams "Booga" and we run to try and find her. Now this really only happens in the morning cause that is when we are taking our nap - otherwise she can never hide cause Jake is attached to her side.

We love playing BOOGA! Do you have games you play too?


Maggie said...

That sounds like a fun game! We have a game that sorta like that. Mom steals one of my toys and runs and plays keep away from me. I bark my head off and chase her till I catch her. I love playin' with mom. It's fun!

Love ya lots,

T-man said...

Ooh, you guys are so smart to learn a game like that. The game I play with mom is tug-of-war where I hold my toy and she tries to pull it away from me. I growl to sound fierce, and Mom tells me I'm a dangerous poodle!


Chelsea said...

I love playing ball or any type of fetch games. On my terms ofcourse. I also like to play the game where Mama runs after me and says "I'm gonna get you my pretty!" (She says it in a wicked witch voice.
And I pretend to be all scared and run to Papa's lap.

Silly humans.


Bernadette said...

As a matter of fact, mommy plays slip sliding away with me...she pretends she is putting clean sheets on the bed, but as she "pretends" to straighten the sheet...I slide into where she is straightening it...its so much fun...sometimes Lizzie joins in...also mommy plays "catch the laser beam" with us too...we so loveeeeeeeeeee that much fun.

Ellie & Lizzie