Wednesday, January 17

January Blahs - By Jess

I didnt' want to go outside this morning - it had been soooo cold yesterday and mama didn't take us for a walk.
This was the first time we didn't even go around the block!
Mama only lets us go outside for 1-2 minutes every hour instead - which is fine with me - because I want to go in usually around that time anyway.
I am counting down the days to milder weather - I miss my walks :-(


Maggie said...

I didn't get my walkie today either Jessie. We have freezing cold temps and windchill so mom said, not today, maybe tomorrow. I miss my walks!

Love ya lots,

Chelsea said...

I got a half assed walk since Mama met up with a neighbour and they gabbed about their jobs forever.

Not impressed.


T-man said...

Wow, what a humungous bed!! You could do some serious snuggling in that!


Fu Fu said...

Woh, that looks very cold Jessie. I can see your cute paw prints in the snow. Ok better stay indoors and keep warm

~ fufu

Boo said...

oh, jessie,

i heard on the news about the weather there. it's sure sound cold!

wet wet licks