Friday, January 12

Morning Routine - by Jessie

Jake and I blog in the morning. Mama gets up early so we usually have time to do it even before she goes to work.

Here is a pic of me blogging and a pic of Jake eating a one-eyed monster toy on the bed while I was blogging.

Mama is calling us - we better go - time for 1 more potty outside, a treat and a kiss and she is off to work.

Oh and to everyone who commented on yesterday's message. The reason I look sad is because my stomach was full from eating a ton of cheese - I couldn't even move! and PS Papa has since shaved (heehee).

Thank God it is FRIDAY!


Maggie said...

That looks like a nice comfy computer chair! I think I'd spend lots of time in that spot too. So how is tummy today? Better I hope!

Love ya lots,

Bernadette said...

We are soooooo glad your papa has been groomed...he was getting a little scary...

Lizzie and Ellie

T-man said...

You guys are so cute! That's good you get your blogging done bright and early. (My mom does some blogging at work too..shh..don't tell anyone!)

Chelsea said...

I do my blogging at night since I like to sleep.