Tuesday, February 27

I just vant to be avone! By jessie

Sometimes I need my space - ya I know - I love my mama and stuff and even Jake sometimes too - but sometimes I just need to be alone and collect my thoughts or not think of anything.

Either way - Mama always finds me and starts taking pics - oh well - what can ya do?


Maggie said...

I can understand this Jessie seeing as I'm an only furchild. But there are times when I wish I had a brother or sister to play with - especially times when mom is too busy to play with me.

Love ya lots,

Chelsea said...

I am an only furchild and I on the other hand don't think I would want a brother or sister just because I get really jealous when Mama cuddles my stuffed animals.

Ofcourse you need your alone time Jessie, you are a girl!
We are divas who need quality time alone!


Fu Fu said...

Hi Jessie, it's good to have some privacy time to just chill by yourself huh. :)

~ fufu

Jasper said...

You look like you were in the middle of meditation...your mom is like mine...always snapping that camera. But, aren't we lucky to have hoomans who love us so much!?

Boo said...


don't let your hooman blogs! when they start blogging, they take tons of photos and put it on the blog. when they stop blogging, the paparazzi action will stop.

wet wet licks


T-man said...

Sometimes even us superstars need our alone time! But that's the price of fame (hee hee!)


Oscar Airedale said...

When you are as pretty as you are Jessie, you just have to get used to being photographed.

Oscar x