Monday, February 12

Toys - By Jessie

We got toys - oh ya - you name it - we got it.
Mama buys them everytime she goes out cause she feels guilty for leaving us (heehee).

We like some of them, some of them we ignore and some of them we bite to peices till the squeker comes out and all the stuffing. I was busy on the weekend - I destroyed 3 toys!

Sometimes mama will take one that I demolished and put it on the fridge till they accumulate and then she sews them - other times she just throws them out.

This weekend mama washed them all - no detergent - just hot water.

Now they are all clean!


Chelsea said...

I like to supervise Mama while she washes my toys. I don't trust her.

Please tell your Mama that she has to be careful when she sews your toys. My Mama saw a medical show about doggies and one dog had swallowed a needle and thread. The needle did not hurt him but, the thread could of! Apparently it could of cut the dogs was a very small dog.

Something to think about....

Chelsea who cares for you and doesn't want your organs cut

Oscar Airedale said...

Do you like your toys when they're all clean? I prefer mine a bit stinky & grubby!

Oscar x

Boo said...

oh i think we are too spoilt to have so many toys. :-) not! we deserve more and more and more toys!

wet wet licks


Jasper said...

You DO have a lot of toys....good for you! You deserve them, as I am sure you are a great doggie and bring so much joy to your family!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Jessie, Oh you got many toys.. Do you have any favourites?
Happy valentine's Day to you and Jake.

~ fufu

Maggie said...

I love new toys too! Your mom was nice to get you new stuff to play with!
Happy Valentine's day!

Love ya lots,