Thursday, February 22

Waiting - By Jessie

I wait all day. Mama leaves the house and I wait for her to come home at lunch and then leave again and then come back after work.

Yes, I wait - I am very patient.

When Mama gets home she knows I have been waiting all day for her. Her coming home is the only thing I have to look forward to - because not only do I miss her but she lets me out to go potty, eat, get treats, hugs, belly rubs, kisses - everything!

My mom - may not look that wonderful to you - but to me SHE IS MY WORLD - THE ONE I DEPEND ON ! And Mama never disappoints - she gives me everything I have been waiting for AND MORE!


Maggie said...

awwwwwww Jessie! Your mom loves you so much! You look so sad in your pic! Doesn't Jake help you pass the time while mom is at work?

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

Yeah, even though my hoomans can be kind of bossy, they are still the centre of my world.

Don't look so sad Jessie.

Oscar x

Fu Fu said...

Aw... Jessie, you're so cute. I'm sure your mum LOVES you too.

~ fufu

Jasper said...

AWwwwwwwWWwwWW, Jessie what a sweet post for your Mom...and I am sure she loves you ooodles and oodles!

Boo said...

hey jessie,

everydoggie love our own mama & papa. i sleep and wait near the door everyday hoping to see mom comes home early so i can give her licks!

wet wet licks


Chelsea said...

I love my Mama so much too but, I don't dedicate too many posts to her.
She's a lot like me. It may go to her head.


p.s I go nuts for your Mama too! She's my god mama!