Wednesday, March 28

Mama has been snick - by Jake

Sorry everyone - Mama has been snick so Jess and I have been busy taking care of Mama.

We don't mind - even though it can be exhausting at times. When Mama is lying down on the couch - we try to lie on top of her and cover her entire body with our outstretched limbs. We know this makes you feel better Mama (it makes us feel better)!

Anyway, Mama is feeling a lot better so soon she promises to download some pics from Chelsea's house on the weekend. (We miss you Chelsea).

So it will take a few days but we promise we are getting back into the groove :-)


Anonymous said...

Hope your mama is feeling better real soon.

Cousin Bernadette

Maggie said...

We miss you lots! Hope your mom feels better real, real soon!

Love ya lots,

Chelsea said...

Thanks for giving us an update Jake. Please give your mama licks and slobbery kisses from me.


Oscar Airedale said...

Glad to hear mum is feeling better. There seem to be a lot of sick hoomans in bloggy world right now.

Oscar x