Friday, April 27


Yep we are back from the groomers. Mama felt soo guilty leaving us there this am cause we were shaking and looking at her with our big eyes, but Mama kept a tough upper lip when she noticed that she could barely see our eyes cause of all the overgrown hair.

When she picked us up we were soo happy and she said "oh you both look sooo pretty". We didn't feel pretty we feel naked, violated but we sure doo smell nice!

We didn't go for much of a walk today cause it is raining and cold and Mama didn't want us to get all dirty. She wants one night when we are all sleeping in the same bed and it smells all nice and stuff.

So no probs mom - but tomorrow back to the mud and rubbing our backs in dead animals - YEEHAW


Maggie said...

Don't the two of you look so much nicer! And don't you feel so much cooler too! I don't blame your mom for not wanting you all muddy after paying ninety bucks!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

You both look loverly....

Love from your purrfectly furry cousins, Lizzie and Ellie and our mama, Ben.

Huskee Boy said...

I love your new looks! (At least you don't have to get brushed so frequently with the shorter coat!!)

triple B said...

You guys look sooooo beautiful. Isn't is nice to get rid of all of that heavy ugly hair and be all pretty again? And you get so much more attention when you are clean and smell good! Yay!

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, you both look gorgeous!

Oscar x

Chelsea said...

Wow, you two clean up real nice. But, you even look beautiful all shaggy and stuff.

That's cuz you are related to me.