Saturday, April 14

Mama's Fault - by Jake and Jess

Sorry - it is all Mama's fault!

Mama was sick again and then she started feeling better and therefore less tired so we all stay up little later and then she can't get up early in the morning to blog. She also won't let us on the computer by ourselves in case a pervert tried to talk to us. (Mama watches DATELINE).

We are around though - watching it snow, rain, snow, rain, snow. Quite depressing really - but Mama is still taking us for walks and to the park - we just can't wait till we can go for longer periods without freezing our butts off!

Soon - mama says - soon - but not this week - Mama nature is calling for MORE SNOW! :-(


Chelsea said...

Welcome back!

I was wondering where you guys were.

I blame Mama for stuff too. That's what they are for.


Oscar Airedale said...

Glad all is OK with you & hope mum stays healthy now. Stoopid miserable weather can't help.

Oscar x