Thursday, April 26

Yahoo going to the parks again - by jake

Mama has been taking us to the parks again. The ones where she feels confident to let me loose. Which isn't often cause I will chase a squirrel and mama sometimes worries I may not come back. Only if it is in an enclosed area will Mama let me off leash.

Mama says that I am too young still to be trusted - unlike Jessie who will watch Mama like a hawk if she is off leash and comes to her whenever Mama calls her.

Oh well - I guess my strong points are my cuteness!


Maggie said...

Hey Jake! Where is your head in that first picture? Did the groomer make an oopsie and chop it off?? Just kidding! hehehehehe

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

But chasing squirrels must be done!

Oscar x