Tuesday, July 24

3rd day of vacation - by Jessie

Our third day we went to welcome Chelsea home from her worldwide modelling assignment. The official party was on Saturday but we wanted to welcomer her on the actual day she got back from the airport. She was tired but we brought her lunch and played in the backayard with her and our cousins.

Then our mama took us to a park for a big romp - it was fun!


Simba said...

Thats more like, doggies having fun.

Simba xx

Maggie said...

It looks like Chelsea's fame hasn't gone to her head! She still can have a great time with her cousins just hanging out!

Love ya lots,

Huskee Boy said...

It's always so fun to hang out with family (especially famous ones like Chelsea!!)

* Sure, you can use my pics anyway u'd like.. no probs.

Oscar Airedale said...

I saw Chelsea's pawty pics, you guys sure know how to have a good time!

Oscar x

T-man said...

I love the pic of Chelsea on the couch smiling! I hope she got some food from her mama :)