Wednesday, July 11

We hang out at our Voa's (grandma) house a lot with our mom (seen here holding all of us and our supermodel cousin Chelsea).

Our mom has next week off and we will be heading back to her place for a few days.

We can't wait - we love our Voa's house and the room she has there for us! ) (alright it is for our mom to sleep but we sleep there too)!


Boo said...

hey jessie & jake, long time no come and visit your blog. but i'll do that from now on.

btw, the fruit in my blog, is this.

it stinks big time, don't think your mom would like it.

wet wet licks


Murphey said...

That last photo is AWESOME!


Maggie said...

Your mom is sure pretty! I love that picture of you guys and Chelsea!

Love ya lots,

Chelsea said...

Yep Maggie, my auntie is one hot number but, with me in the picture I am surprised you noticed her.

hee hee


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, how lucky you get to go and see your grandma a lot, mine both live a long way away.

Oscar x

T-man said...

Aww, what a cute pic with all four of you!! Your mom is very pretty by the way :)