Thursday, August 23

HARRY POTTER - by Jake and Jessie

Hey everyone!
We have been back for a week but mama has been busy with HARRY POTTER!

She won't get her nose out of book 7 (THANK GOD IT IS THE LAST ONE), so we haven't been able to blog our vacation stuff cause of her! (but we still love her).

Anyway here on the 1st day last week. We went to a splash park (yes mama made us go in) and then we went for a walk. Then we went with our cousin Samantha to watch her sister Natasha play soccer (boohoo she didn't win but we were the best looking cheerleaders in the joint!


Murphey said...

What is it about our peeps and that stupid book Harry Potter?! My lady spent one whole weekend reading it, and ignoring me, blehh!
Stupid wizard boy!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. alot of dog's hoomans were reading that hairy porter book. I'm sure you 2 were the best cheerleaders. :)

~ Girl girl

T-man said...

My mom is reading that Harry Potter book right now too! The best part is that I can snuggle up to her while she's reading.

Huskee Boy said...

Oh my.. it's Harry Potter again.. he seems to be everywhere!!

Simba said...

Books are only good for chewing on.

Simba x