Wednesday, August 8


Papa brought us back life jackets from his trip.

Now we weren't too thrilled - they were uncomfy. Jessie hated hers and shook a lot - but I got comfy and when Mama and Papa took us to a special dog beach I had fun but Jessie didn't.

Here are some pics. Jessie threw up after we got home - we hope it is from the water and she is not sick again (we are crossing our fingers!)


Maggie said...

Bummer that you didn't like your life jackets! They're so pretty! I hope Jesse is okay!

ToFFee said...

That looks like a good idea..

especially if wanted to go to the deeper end.

I hope Jesse is okay.. let us know if she got to swallow a trout or something...


Simba said...

my life jacket is a bit smaller then that, it doesn't bother me. But I'm use to clothes and been dressed up like Barbie, sigh. I hope Jesse is ok.

Simba xx