Tuesday, November 15


Hi my name is Jessie and the white thing in the pic is my annoying baby brother Jake. We have finally convinced our mommy to let us have a website!

Our cousin Chelsea has had one for eons, and our mom is always laughing and saying how clever Chelsea is when she reads it! Yet, when we wanted one - Mama said we were too young but now that Jake has reached 1 years old and I -Jessie will be 4 in March - Mama now says it is time!

So here we are!

Somedays it will be just me blogging and other times Jake and other times Mama. Mama says that at anytime she can delete the blog if we misbehave or put stuff on here that is not age appropriate (puleeze - I am over 30 in human years) - but we are allowed to put some of the hundreds of pics mama has of us - as mama loves to take pics of us.

So put us on your favourites and come visit often - as we will be posting all the fun that happens in our lives and believe me there is a lot!

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Chelsea said...

Finally! You did it! I am so proud of you guys. Gotta learn how to use those adorable puppy dog eyes to your advantage!
Mama marked this as a favorite and she will read it to my every day.

Your cousin Chelsea