Sunday, October 22

Good Morning!

Hi - this is Jake!

Mamma and I are up early this morning and Jessie and Papa are still sleeping so we thought we would take advantage and BLOG!

I wanted to put a pic of Just me! But mama said no - that this is oneof the first photos of Jess and I (I was only 5 months old in this pic) and it is a rare sight that Jess and I are actually sitting nicely in the same pic and actually looking at the camera. Mama says I have an attention disorder as I never ever sit for more than 1 second - I am constantly moving my head or something - I can't help it - I don't want to miss a thing.

Anyway, trust me - there will be more real life shots and action and fun and not all these stoopid model shots of Jess and I - we may look perfect but we aren't and I will convince mama to let us have a little more fun :-) See you soon!

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Chelsea said...

Jake, you are such a Mama's boy. That's why I can't date you. Plus, you're my cousin so that's kind of icky. Plus, I already have a boyfriend. You are very handsome and adorably cute though so soon all the bitches will be asking who's that hot dog? You'll have admirers everywhere.
And by bitches ofcourse I meant female disrepect intended.