Monday, October 23

It is ok to ask questions... - by Jake


Today my mama, Jessie and I went for a long walk at Molson Park. Jessie and I love going here because we can run off leash, be free, act crazy and mama loves it because it is fenced in and only other parents and thier dogters and sonz come here.

Well, the three of us were walking out of the wooded area when we saw another dog with it's mom. This dog was different though, it had a bike like thing that the kids on my street ride but it was attached to its bum and tummy area and he didn't have any back legs. This dog was pulling himself with his front legs and the wheel. I couldn't help but stare. Jessie saw me staring and said, "Jake you shouldn't stare, it isn't nice you dummy". I got upset, I hate when Jessie calls me a dummy and I started whimpering. But right away mama stepped in.

Mama said, Jessie don't call your brother a dummy, he is just asking a question that he doesn't know. It is also, ok to stare and ask questions when you see something differnet so that you can understand why it is different and therefore get used to it. Now Jakey - mama said (I love when mama calls me Jakey) this doggie probably wasn't born with legs, or maybe he had them and lost them in an accident or from an illness so his parents got his that little doggie wheelchair so he can still walk around like he has 4 legs. Mama also said this doggie was lucky that his parents got him this special wheelchair and they must really love him.

Now right away I wanted to ask how he lost them, but Jessie was already looking bored and wanted to keep going so I didn't, but it is a question I will ask her tonight when we are all snuggled up in bed. BUT I couldn't resist asking mama - if I lost my legs (I mean I am always losing things - my toys, my treats...) if she would get me a special wheelchair. Jessie rolled her eyes, but mama smiled and said of course - because she really loved me too and it didn't matter if I had 4 or no legs - nothing would change that.

Oh I love my mama too!

Here is some pics of Jessie and I at Molson Park a couple of weeks ago when the leaves were just changing.


Chelsea said...

My mama won't let me off leash for a minute! Jake, maybe you and Jessie could convince her that it's ok. She is very overprotective of me.

Please talk to the woman.

Your cousin Chelsea

T-man said...

Hi Jake,
Welcome to doggie blogging! It's lots of fun meeting other dogs from around the world. You may have heard of me...I'm Chelsea's boyfriend, T-man. Just wanted to say hi!

Jessie and Jake said...

Yes Jessie and I have heard all about you. Chelsea talks non-stop about you. Let me know if you ever come to Canada to visit your g-friend. It would be nice to have another male to hang out with!