Tuesday, October 24

Icky Weekday Mornings - By Jessie

I hate weekday mornings. These are the mornings that mama and papa wake up around 5:30 with loud annoying music. Then mama picks me up out of my nice warm coccoon of blankets and basically throws me outside and screams out the door "go potty, go potty" which is supposed to miraculously make me want to go!

Well it isn't so bad in the summertime - but when it is a cold blistery morning and you add some rain it is horrible. I mean this is abuse!

Sometimes mama comes out with me and Jake - since Jake won't do anything without her. This isn't so bad because she lets us in quicker when she realizes we don't have to go and it is freezing outside!!!!!!

Luckily, then we get to go back into our warm coccoon of blankets and go back to sleep - at least for an hour before she hauls us back out there.


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Chelsea said...

I know what you mean. I hate that loud music. I always grunt for Mama to turn it off.
This morning though the opposite happened....I gave Mama a big swat across the face to wake her up.

I had to poo!