Tuesday, October 24

More flattering photo - Jake

Ya thanks Jessie for picking the most unflattering photo of me sleeping!

I got bed head, drool coming out of the side of my mouth, crust of who knows what on the side of my eyes and I have an unflattering pose - MEANWHILE - the photo you choose of yourself is NOT ONE OF YOU SLEEPING - in fact I remember you primping and preparing yourself an entire day when mama took that picture.

You are nasty - and you better not do this again or I am going to tell mama - and she will BAN you!

Here is a more flattering photo of me - sleeping anyway....


Bernadette said...

Dear Jessie and Jake,
I'm glad to be able to read your blog. You are lucky cause our mommy won't let us have our own blog. Fortunately she lets us read your's and Chelsea's. You dogz are weird though. You should be a cat like me and Ellie. Ellie can't type yet..she's only 6 months.

Bye and hisses and kisses from your cousins,
Lizzie and Ellie

Chelsea said...

I don't think that picture is unflattering at all.

I'd say you look handsome...but, you are my cousin so let's just say you are cute.

Jessie is just playing practical jokes on you like big sisters do. I say you take a pic of Jessie pooing and post it. That'll teach her!