Wednesday, October 25

Madonna Adopting - By Jessie

Mama and I watched Oprah today. Madonna was on it talking about her recent adoption of a child from Africa - who she says wouldn't live past 5 if it wasn't for her. This child's mom died of AIDS and even though his pops is alive he has never come to see him since he was in the orphanage at 2 weeks old.

I feel for this little boy. My mom adopted me almost 4 years ago and I have not heard a peep
from my mom and pop. Mind you, my birth parents live in Maynooth - which is like 3 or more hours away by car so they may have trouble walking here and we weren't living here in Barrie when I was adopted so maybe they don't know how to reach me.

I sometimes wonder about my birth parents and my blood siblings - there were 4 of them. I wonder how they are, what they look like, if my siblings would all be big pains in the butts and bug the heck out of me. BUT then I think of my mama, my papa (ok even Jake on his good days) and I think of how much they love me and spoil me and make me such a priority of their life and include me in everything and I then I realize that my birth parents putting me up for adoption was the best thing that could ever of happened to me.

I just wonder if my birth parents wonder if I am happy - and being raised by great humans. So if my parents ever are looking for me on the internet and they find this website - I want you to know - I have no hard feelings and I am open to keeping in contact and most of all I AM OK and I AM SOO HAPPY! LIFE COULDN'T BE BETTER! So don't worry about me - you did the right thing:-)

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Chelsea said...

Mama and I watched that too! Mama is very upset. If Mama wins the lottery she would like to adopt a child and help the less fortunate.

By the way, I never hear from my folks either. And my two brothers I don't miss cuz they used to push me around and not let me get to my food. My sister turned bad I think and has her own website doing naughty things.....or so I hear through the doggie grapevine.

That could of been me! Thank God Mama and Papa took me in