Wednesday, October 25

Waiting for dinner :-) Your son Jake who is withering away...

Sorry everyone, I am trying to get mama's attention. Mama usually has fed me by this time but she has been helping Jessie with her blog. So I figured I would use my blog for today - to remind her that yes I am alive (though barely as you can see from this photo my ribs are showing - I haven't eaten in over an hour (mama shared her timbits with me) and I AM HUNGRY. I have been sitting at the dinner table, in mama's chair - hoping she will notice how good I am and then FEED ME - Hey I think it is working - mama got the hint - GOT TO GO AND EAT - CIAO or should I say CHOW - YUM, YUM!

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

You poor thing...wasting away.

Maybe you should call doggie services on your Mama. Shame on her for starving you

Mind you, I have met your Mama and I think she is a very nice lady and she loves you so you may be exaggerating....just a tad.