Friday, October 27

Beautiful Fall Day

Sorry folks, this site was down yesterday, so I couldn't blog and this will prob be my only blog till Sunday - cause Mama, Jessie and I are going to Richmond Hill for some of the weekend to help my Auntie out.

I will have pics when I return - but in the meantime - here are some pics of my fave park in Barrie. Mama, Jessie and I went there yesterday for an hour and it was sooo beautiful and sunny and the ground was finally dry - so Mama didn't have to clean our feet before we got into her car. There were a lot of dogs there - and big ones so we had to stay on leash for most of the walk - because Jessie freaks out on big dogs and I tend to run up to them and then run away at the last minute when it finally sinks into my head - WHAT ARE YOU DOING - LOOK HOW BIG IT IS! It was ok cause it was such a nice day so all the mama's and papa's wanted to take their doggie kids out so Jess and i didn't really mind because we had a chance to check out all the dogs (Hey Chelsea - there was noone cuter than you).

Anyway, got to go and pack for the weekend. Now where are my Clifford pj's....

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Chelsea said...

Looks like so much fun! And the leaves bring out all your beautiful colors too!

Have fun in Richmond Hill this weekend!