Friday, October 27


DON'T FORGET if you follow Daylight Savings Time - then you have to turn your clocks back 1 hour Saturday night before you go to bed.

This means I get 1 more hour in bed on Sunday - Yahoo - but it also means it will be dark when mama comes home from work, so our walks will now be local and a lot shorter. It also means Halloween is coming and Xmas but snow too (icky - I hate the snow - it hurts my paws and hides my toys in the bacyard).

This also means mama is going to start looking for our winter clothes, like sweaters, jackets, boots and this warm up suit she got me last year (see picture). I hate it - it always rides up my buttocks and the other doggies always stare at my JLO butt when I pass by. It makes me blush!

Hmmm maybe while mama is getting that extra hour of sleep on Sunday - I will go look for this jumpsuit and hide it. :-)


Bernadette said...

Poor look so miserable in that sweater. Not exactly flattering is it...what was your mama thinking. Fortunately, our mama doesn't dress us up. She says she tortured our big sister Taby when she was little dressing her up and taking pictures (we only see the pictures cause our big sister Taby went to the kitty resting place in 2004) mama no longer feels the need to dress us up. Also, we don't go outside anyways. There so much to do and play with inside our little home so we don't care about going outside. Our favorite time is in the evening when after a hard day of running around chasing each other and after mama works hard to get home to us and keep us in kitty food, we snuggle up on the couch/futon and watch the Pet Network. I mean...can life get any better?

Lizzie and Ellie

Chelsea said...

I don't like winter clothing either. You would think being a world renound doggie supermodel that I would be used to wearing all kinds of clothes....but, I really don't like it. I would rather Mama carry me on our walks and cuddle me warm.

Jessie, you do look very stylish!! You could give me a run for my money