Saturday, November 18

Bad Hair Day - By Jake

My hair grows sooo fast. I mean - mama just got me groomed a couple of weeks ago and my hair has almost already grown back. Mama said she wasn't going to get me groomed again till spring - so that I can have my long locks to keep me warm during these frigid Barrie winters - but we are already in the middle of November and NO SNOW. And she is starting to look at me again - like she is thinking or something - like thinking of cutting the hair around my eyes - or maybe it is my tail - I don't know but I am going to start wearing this hat around the house IF IT SAVES ME - and someone HIDE THOSE SCISSORS!


Chelsea said...

I have seen your Mama's scissor happy handywork on your sister Jessie and ain't pretty.

You better steer clear from her. You shouldn't complain that your hair grows so fast cuz most humans (Males usually) would love to have your problem. Hee hee.


Boo said...

jessie and jake

thanks for visiting my blog!

oh, you look so cute with long hair. with the weather, don't you think long hair is better? but must get mama cut it when the weather change!

you are now in my doggie pal link!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Hey Jake, you look really cute in the 2nd pic. Will your mum tie up your hair in ribbons??

~ fufu