Wednesday, November 15

HUMP DAY! - By Jessie

The sun came out today! This means we will be going for a walk when mama gets home - we were worried it was going to rain. We hate when it rains because our beautiful hair gets frizzy and split enz and the worse it tangled and mama gets out the scissors and goes crazy and before you know it - we look like we got stuck in a paper shredder!

But today there is sun - no rain - so no worries!


Chelsea said...

I love hump day cuz it means two more days til I can cuddle up to Mama ALL morning cuz she doesn't have to get up. WOOHOO.


Fu Fu said...

Hey guys, so glad to hear that the sun is out and you guys can go to play. It's been raining daily over here in Singapore.. :(

~ fufu

Chelsea said...

Tell your Mama's to enter this photo of you in the dogswithblogs nominations. Mama will tell her how to do it. The picture of the two of you sleeping is adorable. EXCEPT don't do it this month cuz I am already nominated.