Tuesday, November 14

Today is Mama's Bday - By Jake

Today is Mama's bday. Jessie and I racked our brains on what to get mama and we came up with the perfect idea. Today - we will not fight, we will not purposely poo after mama has put the poop bag away, we will not bark our heads off when someone closes their car door and lastly we will cover mama with kisses when she gets home. THE KISSES WILL MAKE MAMA SO HAPPY = AFTER ALL THIS IS WHAT SHE LIVES FOR. In this pic here - Jessie and I are practicing so when mama comes home we will be fine-tuned. Hurry home mama - we are all puckered up waiting!



Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I would just go with a nice poop package on the carpet followed by smoochies.

Bussie Kissies

Chelsea said...

Please give your Mama an extra lick for me! She is definitely my favorite aunt PAWS down!

Mama really likes that picture of you guys. She says it is adorable which is usually a word only reserved for MOI.

Save me a piece of cake!


Jessie and Jake said...

Hey Buster - Jake and thought your idea was wonderful but we knew we wouldn't get any chicken out of mama if we did that - but we think it is a good idea for April Fool's!

Jessie and Jake said...

Ya Chels.

Mama's cheek was soaked with dog spit and who knows what.

She was thrilled and commented on how much saliva we had worked up (little did she know it was cause of the chicken we were thinking of all day).