Monday, November 13

Voting Day - By Jessie

Howdy ya'll. Mama says she hopes you all went out to do your civic duty and vote. Mama was home for most of the day today so she went to vote. She said she voted for a man who is going to make the big field in our backyard into a school. We already have a park backing onto our backyard but mama says this man is going to try to get a school back there too - supposedly there is room (even though Jake and I want it all for ourselves).

Jake and I went out and checked the area mama was talking about and we don't mind. It is still far enough away from our backyard that none of those kids will be trying to steal our toys. Besides we have a fence and we have our fangs - JUST IN CASE. Heehee.

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Chelsea said...

Mama went to vote as well. She says that way she has a right to complain about certain issues. She says so many people have opinions but, don't vote...what's the point?

I don't get it.

I miss you guys though