Saturday, November 4

My Uncle Danny's 31st - by Jake

Gee am I glad that mama drove down to Danny's 31st. Bday Party.

She wasn't going to cause there was supposed to be a big snow storm where we live (that never happened either).

All my Aunts and some of my cousins (Chelsea we missed you :-( ) and a whole bunch of my Uncle Danny's friends came too. But of course Voa was there (she gave us big hugs and kisses and was sooo happy we came down for the shindig.

My Uncle Danny was soo handsome in his blue shirt and he was clapping and singing and he ate soooo good. He had soo much fun and barely had enough energy to blow out his candles on his bday cake or open his gifts. We had soooo much fun. Thanks mama for risking the highway - and going!

UNCLE Danny your worth the drive! Mama says wild horses wouldn't keep her away from YOU!


Bernadette said...

Hi Jake and Jessie,
My mama says her cousin Danny is sure a handsome fellow. She says he looks amazing and she is happy everyone was there.

Greetings from your feline cousins, Lizzie and Ellie
(Your mama's cousin Ben's girls).

Chelsea said...

Mama said that she wasn't sure if she should take me or not.
Between you and me I think she wanted my piece of cake!