Tuesday, November 7

Now my bday... - by Jake

Mama gave us an idea for our blogs today. She said to show pics of our last bday's since we had soo much fun at our Uncle Danny's.

My last or should I say my only bday part was on Sept. 13. It was the big ONE. Mama was home and took us for a big walk and then went and bought me a baloon and curious george party hats. She went and bought chicken, fries and salads at Loblaws and a pie (since i love pie crust) instead of bday cake.

We waited till papa came home and we all ate and everyone sang happy birthday to me. It was just me, mama, papa and Jessie - but I wasn't complaining because there was more chicken for me!!

I also got a new nylabone that I still chew on - and a new little stuffed lamb. It was a fun bday and I can't wait till next year!!!

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Chelsea said...

Happy Belated Jake!

Your cousin Chelsea