Wednesday, November 29


Mama says that as of 2007, she is going to be putting a little money away every month so we can go on a Doggie Road Trip in the beginning of 2008!

She doesn't know exaclty where we are going but she is thinking that we will drive up to either Memphis (she wants to see something called Graceland) or Florida. Mama says we might have to stay in the kennel in our air conditioned room for a couple of hours. We are planning on staying at our destination for 3-4 days cause of the drive from Ontario (and we want to make little stops and take our time) but mama thinks this will be a good enough break for us plus to get out of here next winter. This will be an opportunity for us to take some exciting pictures on our trip and to go for some very long, adventerous walks.

Jessie and I are thrilled. We are thinking of how we are going to fit boxes and boxes of treats in the trunk (hmmm get rid of mama's 500 shoes she will ultimatley pack).

Mama said there are sooo many pet friendly motel/hotels now - and worse comes to worse we could always pitch a tent.

Mama said she hasn't gone on a vacation in over 4 years (hmmm since she got Jessie) - and that no vacation will be a vacation if we aren't there so we either all go or noone goes. Mama also said she is terrifed of bringing us on a plane - she doesn't think we would like that AND WE CONFIRMED THIS FOR HER!!!!!
We like this attitude! Maybe our cousin Chelsea and her mom will come with us too.

Who knows - the road is wide open - as long as there is a place to lay our heads, an hour or two walk and a trunk full of food - we ain't picky!

Gee and it is only November 2006 - we have a long way to go but that is ok - it will be something to look forward too!

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Chelsea said...

Mama mentioned this to me.

My tail is still wagging!!!