Thursday, November 30

Grubs - Ugh Jessie

Yesterday when we went for our walk - there were all these ugly, fat, wormy things on the floor. Mama kept say ing "Nooo" everytime we went to sniff them.
She explained they are grubs AND THEYARE A TYPE OF worm that live under the grass and ruin lawns.
Jake and I thought they were ugly too but we couldn't figure out why they are coming out of the ground - and eew where are they going?
I made sure all the doors were locked yesterday before I went to bed - I don't want any of those grubs coming in!


Chelsea said...

Is that what TLC meant when they sang
" I don't want no grubs..."


Boo said...

ewwwww! i googled grubs picture and ewwwww! those are gross! make sure your door is close enough or they'll make their way to your bed...

yeah, better don't eat those, they look ugly and gross!

wet wet licks


Jessie and Jake said...

We will - thanks Boo - they are icky!