Friday, December 1

Freezing Rain by Jake

Icks - first grubs and now this am - our backyard is a skating rink. Now Jess and I don't have skates but we were slipping and sliding all over the place.

Here in this pic - I am checking Jessie's head - in case she slipped and fell or something.

We are supposed to get snow tomorrow too - 20 cm! Jess and I can't wait. We like to hunt for our toys in the snow. It is one of our fave pastimes!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie and Jake,
Wow...sounds like it's really bad where you live...mommy is afraid of freezing rain...she's glad we just have rain down here. Keep safe and mommy says to give a hug to your mommy.

Love from your cousins,
Lizzie and Ellie

Chelsea said...

Jake is such a sweet little brother checking Jessie's head for bumps. I thought little brothers were supposed to be annoying???

Maybe I should get me one to cater to my every whim...then again That's what I have Mama for.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Jake & Jessie, you guys are so nice to each other. I mailed out my xmas card to you guys today. I got Eil to make 1 more for you. :)
I hope you'll get it soon.

~ fufu

Jessie and Jake said...

Thanks Lizzie and Ellie and Fufu for your nice comments.

We really appreciate it! We didn't get out 20 cm but we got our freezing rain!

The sun is out today so maybe it will melt - but at least it is safe to walk on grass - you can't really fall.

Chelsea - hmmmm are you getting a baby brother?