Saturday, December 2

The sun is out! By jess

Yahoo - mama said as soon as she tidies up we are going to the park. She said something about finding our boots first - oh no. Well it is ok - they fall off anyway and she will never find them. We know she means well in keeping our feet warm and ice from between our toes and god forbid the salt ruins our tootsies but it ain't natural. Mama said the blisters on our feet wouldn't be natural either.

Mama always wins! We will take pics this time but here are some from Sunnidale Park - a popular dog park near our home - when we were there in the fall - oops it is still fall - but ya would never know it!


Boo said...

ah jessie, you are rite, tell mama to just let you walk on your paws! you can feel the mud but hey it is fun though you'll have to clean up later. :-)

wet wet licks


Chelsea said...

I hate boots!

Mama can get them on me but, I ain't goin nowhere in them!

I freeze like a statue.

A statue in stupid boots.