Friday, December 29

Now new year's - by Jessie

Mama, Jake and I are really looking forward to 2007. Clean slate - new opportunities - we just know it is going to be a bang up year.

Here are pics of us last year - it looks more wild then it really was - but it was fun!

This year we are going to Chelsea's! We can't wait to count down the new year with her.

And T-Man we are so happy to see your feeling better = we were worried!


Boo said...

hey jessie & jake, it's time to wish you two HAPPY NEW YEAR! yeah, i can't wait too but mama told me there will be firecraker! i hate those!

wet wet licks


T-man said...

Ooh, a party at Chelsea's?? I'd SO like to go!! I would like to give her her first kiss of the new year. Or any kiss for that matter, since we've never actually met in person...*sigh*


T-man said...

Hey, be sure to delete Justin's comment and don't click on his link because it will mess up your blog. He's been doing that with other doggie's blogs.

Chelsea said...


Woohoo, I have been waiting in the window all day since Mama told me you guys are coming!