Wednesday, December 13

The snow is melting :-( - by Jake

Mama got her wish - the snow is melting - which means there is practically a river in the backyard!

And - when we go for walks now - the sidewalks are covered in sand and mud so my belly and paws get filthy!

Happy Mama? Jessie and I are not too thrilled - especially when you get that towel out and try to clean us. (but we still love you mama).

Here are some pics from Saturday am - when we still had super snow and super sun - what a combo!


Freda said...

Hi Jake,

Freda heres. Just got your cooools Christmas card from you, Jessie and your Mama. Thanks a whole bunch of licks!

I use to live where it snowed, Colorado (And loved it!), but then my humans moved to the left coasts. It just gets cold here and water falls a lot in the winters time.

Looks like you guys are havin' a lot of funs. I love the towel rubdown after I tramp through the waters. Feels sooo goods.

Thank you again for the neato card. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


T-man said...

Hey guys, thanks for your card! It's a great pic of the two of you :)

Our snow is almost all melted, and we're both happy. I can poop on the grass, and my mom doesn't have to wear her boots (yippee!)


PS: You might want to set up word verification so you don't have those silly anonymous messages appear.

Chelsea said...

Yes! I highly recommend word verification....wards off evil scum - whatever that is. (Mama told me to write that)

I love your card! Especially since you two are bratty and purposely not looking! I should of done that.


Jessie and Jake said...

Freda - mama thinks you are soo cute - she is happy you liked the card - and you two T-man!

We loved your card too! You are sooo handsome!

Aramis said...

Hi Jessie and Jake,
I got your card today!! Thank you!!! :)

I have a question... WHAT"S SNOW??? And what was all that white stuff on the ground in the pictures? It looks like tissues.... Carbi likes eating tissues so he might like snow.

MTLH just told me that it snows sometimes in the mountains here, but it is hot now. She also just told me that we live on the other side of the world from you but I don't know what the world is so that didn't help!

Thanks again for the card.