Thursday, December 14

Xmas Cards - By Jessie

Yesterday Jake and I got another 2 xmas cards. They included - FuFu (which mama got very excited about - it is one of her favourites) and T-Man (hmm he is soo handsome),

In total we have gotten about 7. We heard about it late and joined late so we are not expecting too many - which is totally ok. We sent ours out and that was fun in itself. We also have a lot of cards from mama's friends and our families.

We love xmas!


Chelsea said...

Jesse and Jake

You should see our place!

COVERED in cards and they are the best most original cards ever!
We love it


Boo said...

hey jessie, i've sent mine to you two. have you gotten it yet? if not, should be in its way by now.

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Jessie & Jake, I got your card yesterday too. What a coincident. :) You guys look so cute. Hee. for a moment I tot Jake was stuck on the side wall in the 2nd picture, then I remember to tilt my head to see that pic again. :P

~ fufu

Toby said...

Hi Jessie and Jake!~

I see my card at the bottom of our stairs!~ I'm so glad you got it!!


Maggie said...

I didn't get too many cards either - 5 in all so far - but it's okay - the ones I did get were pretty special.


T-man said...

Ooh, I see my card there too! That's a great way to display them.