Thursday, January 4

Another animal in the house - we think - by Jake

We are not really sure but we think we have another animal of some sort in this house.

Mama walks it about once a week, it has a huge leash and as she walks it around the house it makes an awful noise as it eats everything in sight.

Jessie and I hate this hairless thing. It is loud, scary and we bark at it like mad everytime mama walks it. Once it tried to eat one of our toys and mama had to wrestle with it - to get the toy out of its mouth! We are terrified it is going to try and eat us one day!

Mama keeps it in her closet when she isn't walking it - thank god she doesn't let it sleep with us too!

Here is a pic of it (not the white thing - that is me).


Aramis said...

Hey! That looks like the one that lives in my cupboard!!! I thought it was a snake when I saw it, but apparently it is something called a duck-ted vacuum cleaner.

I'm not scared of mine anymore but I still don't like it because it eats all the good stuff that is on the ground.


Maggie said...

I have one of those that lives in our closet at our house! We call him Hoover! I don't like him! He needs to die!


Boo said...

hey jake,

i tell you, those are DEVIL and not another animal. don't approach when it makes noise. it might eat you up alive!

wet wet licks


Chelsea said...

That's no animal!!
That's a sucking machine.

Be careful! It sucks up things and never spits them out again.

I am terrified of our sucking monster!


Fu Fu said...

Hey Jake, that new animal looks really scary. Better keep you eyes on it.

~ fufu