Friday, January 5

Mild Weather - by Jessie

Another gorgeous day ! Today is supposed to be a high of 13!
This is crazy mama says - we are supposed to be having -25 and at this time we are usually shovelling our way out of the house.

Mama says this is not normal and even though it is lovely we should be concerned.

Jake and I don't care really - we are thrilled that we are still able to go for a walk every evening.

We are so close to summer too - we posted some pics of us chilling out on the patio from the summer. Soooooon!


Boo said...

hey jake, your toy's hair is almost the same as yours! are you sure your mama didn't make the toy using your fur? hehehe.

wet wet licks


Toby said...

You two look like you're really enjoying the nice weather!~ We had sunshine yesterday too...but then today we had snow!!! Vancouver is strange...hahaha.


jaffeboy said...

Ooo... Love hanging out in the sun. Oh, about your "other dog" in the house?! It drives me crazy too! It ate up my treats before & I hate it since.

T-man said...

We have warmer than usual weather here too! And we LOVE it!! :)