Monday, January 8

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday we didn't do much.
But we did go to Sunidale Park.
We had soo much fun with Mama.
On the way home - Mama stopped for coffee and treated Jess and I to a couple of timbits

(the bits of the donut after they punch the hole out of the middle).
Jess and I love walks - and we love timbits.


e said...

Hi there!
Oooh timbits!!! Didn't know they were called that. What a lovely trail that is. Hope we find some nice trails here too, for Fei.
See you around.
Happy New Year!
Fei & E

Maggie said...

I didn't know they were called timbits either. I always call them donut holes. I don't get them very often but when I do yummmmmmmmy!!!! So you guys got walkies AND timbits! I'd say that's a pretty good deal!

Love ya lots,

Murphey said...

Wow! timbits, those sound really good....i think I am going to go lay down and dream about them.

Murph the Dog

Chelsea said...

Timbits were created by a marketing genius who realized they were throwing away donut holes and could probably sell them to weak, unsuspecting customers with no will power.
That's what Mama says since she is one of these customers.
She won't eat a whole donut cuz it's fattening but, she will eat 25 timbits.

Go figure.

Literally. ha ha

Fu Fu said...

Hey, that park looks nice. And you have donut treats? bet they are yummy.

~ fufu

Jessie and Jake said...

Well the only reason they are called timbits is because Mama gets them at Tim Hortons which is a really popular donut store in canada. Tim Horton was a hockey player who started the business years ago.

So they named them timbits after Timmy :-) We don't care what they are called we want to eat them all.

And the park is Sunnidale which has a separate dog. If you ever come to Barrie - you got to go there :-)