Monday, January 15

My dirty little secret - By Jessie

Ok I have to confess. I don't know if any of you saw Nate on Oprah when the dog whisper was on it - but I react to other dogs the exact same in public.
It drives mama crazy - when I am on a leash - I lunge and bark my fat head off till the dog is out of my view (Jake only copies me - he doesn't really know why he is barking).
If we are at the park - mama lets me off leash cause I am sooo good and I alwasy go to her when she calls me and if I run up ahead I always look back so mama can see me and I don't chase squirrels or takeoff and mama finds me either eating or rubbing my fur against dead animals (Jake did this twice on the weekend!). But as soon as she sees another dog she puts my leash back on - for fear I will freak out (which I always do - I never hurt other dogs I just lunge at them to scare them off - but nevertheless - mama picks me up as one she never knows if this will be the day I attack or get attacked (Mama says it will be my fault for provoking it).
SO you see - I have this problem and Mama has tried her darnest to fix it and she gets all embarassed and has to pick me up when off-leased dogs come near us.
I guess I have small dog inferior complex - mama is thinking of sending me back to school as Jake is starting to copy me and Mama thinks she will lose her mind. Mama is terrified I will cause a disturbance at school and is going to talk to the teacher before she enrolls me.
Does anyone else do the same thing? I feel like I am misunderstood?


T-man said...

Jessie - No, I don't do that, but I've seen other dogs in the neighborhood barking like that. Are you just trying to protect your mom?

Maybe a class will help. I'm sure you're all bark and no bite :)


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing an episode of the dog whisper and everytime the dog would freak out, the owner would say "that's okay" unfortunately reinforcing the behaviour. I can't remember how he suggested fixing it though....


Maggie said...

I do this to some dogs, Jessie, but not to all dogs and I am on a leash when it happens. It's mostly new dogs that I've never met before. I'm protecting mom. Could this be why you lunge and act like a vicious attack dog till they're out of sight? Mom usually tells me "no" in a very firm voice before the incident happens and sometimes I listen to her and sometimes I don't! I hope this helps you out some.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Jessie,
We just saw the exact thing on Dog Whisperer last week. You do this because you fear the other dogs. The worst thing is that your Mama picks you up. Having you on leash is good, but picking up is not. You need to learn to sniff other doggies. Your Mama needs to train you not to bark at the other dogs also. Your barking can provoke other dogs to bother you. It would be good to talk to the doggie school teacher in advance. If she doesn't have a clue on how to help you, find another teacher. You want one that understands your problem. Hope you get the help you need!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Chelsea said...

Hey Jessie,

I don't do that and I am very scared of dogs. I usually bark to get the dogs attention and then try and squirm my way around the dog so I can get a belly rub from the owner.
Pretty sneaky huh?

I think you are defending your mom. I have seen you two together. She is the light of your life, apple of your eye.....

Jessie and Jake said...

thanks for the advice everyone - mama thanks you too.

Mama is going to try to take me out (in better weather) alone so she can focus on me - as it is hard with Jake and I together and be firm with me (eeks I can't wait).

she is also planning on putting me back in school - Jake will be soooo jelous.