Friday, March 23

What is going on inside that head! - By jake

Mama sometimes asks me, "JAKE WHAT IS GOING ON INSIDE THAT HEAD".

You see, I went and got my nails clipped on the weekend, Mama also

got my ears cleaned (and tweezed - ouch) and I got my breath freshened and then I got a couple of sprays of blueberry cologne.

Mama, said I smelled delicious!

Afterwards Mama took us to the beach for a walk. I saw a dead bird and I rubbed my back onto it, then I saw saw fresh doodoo - and i could help but lick it (something I don't usually do).

Mama was a tad upset and said, "Jake what is going on inside that head!".

NOTHING MAMA - absolutely NOTHING (except for my next meal)!


Maggie said...

Blueberry cologne??? ummmmmmmm I bet you do smell yummy!

Love ya lots,

Bella said...

Hi Jake - It's funny how what we love the smell of is like the opposite of what the hoomans like.
Sometimes when mummy says this will make you pretty & spays stuff on me I think 'hmmm if I could get some horse poop & rub that on you you'd smell pretty' hee hee

Chelsea said...

And what an adorable head it is....


Oscar Airedale said...

Blueberry or eau de dead bird? Yep, I'd take the birdie too!

Oscar x