Wednesday, March 14

Snow is melting - by Jake

Just when the snow was soo high like mountains of marshmellows in the backyard - IT IS NOW MELTING!

I was having fun climbing it and pretending I was a mountain lion - STOP


Anyway here are some pics of Jess and I in the backyard (yep I am smelling Jessie's butt - I think she had too much cheese the night before) and - a pic of our frontyard - unfortunately, some of it is gone due to the mild weather. (at least mama is happier now).


Maggie said...

Boy, you guys still have lots of snow in your yard! Ours is all gone! The weatherman is saying that we might get some Friday or Saturday and mom is yelling bad things at the weatherman. I wonder why?

Love ya lots,

Simba said...

I bet you'd make a great moutain lion. We are hoping winter is over here and spring has sprung.

Simba xx

Sharon said...

All our snow melted yesterday. It got up to 60 degrees! Yahoo! But you know what you get when snow melts. Yup. We went on a doggie doodoo patrol. Have fun with yours.

Fu Fu said...

Hey Jake, you'll make a really cute mountain lion. You do look fluffy in the pic.

~ fufu

Oscar Airedale said...

That's still a heck of a lot of snow!

Oscar x

Jasper said...

I agree with Oscar...that is STILL A LOT OF SNOW!
Are you sure any melted?? aruhff
Both you guys are so KEWL!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Almost all of our snow has melted away the last 3-4 days. Only a little bit remains in our yard. No more snow mountains for us to climb. We like Spring better anyway. Have fun in the snow while it lasts!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Chelsea said...

I like the photo where Jake is sniffing Jessie's bum bum


T-man said...

Mmmm .. mountains of marshmallows ...yum!! You should taste those marshmallows before they melt away like our snow did.


Murphey said...

Ya know, I think it's smart to sniff the butt every now and then, ya gotta make sure it's not some Jessie look a like trying to fool you!

Murph the DOg

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Jake,
Stay away from Jessie's (or anyone else's) bum bum!!.. esp after they've had too much cheese..

Pacco de Mongrel said...

will u niss d snow then?